Tunnel and Undergroud Construction

We are one of the leading concrete admixtures suppliers in Germany’s  tunnel and underground construction industry. We manufacture admixtures for sprayed concrete, for casting the tunnel inner shell and for producing precast tunnel segments.
Our product system for the tunnelling and mining industry comprises high performance super plasticizer, retarding agents, curing compounds, release and cleaning agents and different types of fibres.
To complete our range of services we deliver dosing and handling technology and support the construction process by our Ha-Be Tunnel Team.
That  has been supporting a lot of remarkable tunnel projects since several years.
Besides adjusting our products the Ha-Be Tunnel Team supports the entire construction process on site. Equipped with mobile laboratories, our certified engineers and technologists supervise concrete and submit independently application, processing and technique proposals.
Having a long-experienced team and high technical expertise we are your strong and efficient partner in all underground construction challenges.
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